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Author Guidelines

  1. All manuscripts should be original, unpublished and the subject should be related to Religious Studies.

  2. Submitting a manuscript implies that it was never published before in anyway either printed or electronically and it is not under submission or reviewing process.

  3. The manuscripts should be written in clear and concise English.

  4. An article submitted by the author and accepted for publication assumes the author’s understanding that Orientis Aura: Macau Perspectives in Religious Studies is an Open Access Journal and all its content is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivatives 4.0 International License.

  5. Manuscripts should be submitted in a word file (.docx), rich text format (.rtf) or open document file (.odf).

  6. Articles in Orientis Aura ranges from 8000 up to 16000 words including footnotes, bibliography and abstract. Exceptionally lengthier manuscripts might be considered.

  7. Book Reviews should be around 1000 words in length including full bibliographical data.

  8. Manuscripts should be written in a clear font (eg: Times New Roman 12, Aria1 12).

  9. An abstract of approximately 200 words is required.

  10. Footnotes should be placed on the same page as the quoted text.

  11. While referencing the article itself the author should mention the section and not the page number.

  12. Foreign words (non-English) should be written in italics.

  13. As for citations and bibliographic references we strongly recommend authors to use Turabian (latest edition). Other conventions might be used as long as they are as accurate and clear and are used consistently throughout the article.

  14. Orientis Aura is published online and in printed form. The printed version is distributed to selected institutions worldwide.

    Review Process
    Orientis Aura uses double-blind review for the articles submitted electronically through the Journal website, meaning that the author and reviewer are not aware of each other identities. To facilitate the double-blind review process, authors need to ensure that the manuscript they submit do not have any details that might give away their identity. Before the reviewing process, an initial assessment takes place to make sure the authors identity is not revealed to reviewers. Submissions not prepared for blind review might be returned to the author. After the reviewing process, galley-proofs might be sent to the author for reviewing and possible corrections, if this is the case the corrected version should be sent to the editor no later than 15 days. To facilitate the entire process, we kindly request authors to submit two separate files as follows:

    • One file with the title page containing the Authors ‘names and affiliations, a short bio Curriculum Vitae and contact information (full address, email address and telephone number.)

    • One file with the manuscript without any information that can give away the authors identity. If any content included in the manuscript is possible to reveal authors identity and by some reason its removal might jeopardize the correct understanding of the content, we kindly request that you inform us in advance.