The Translation of God’s name in Cochinchina

the Trattato (1622) by Francesco Buzomi

  • Carlo Pellicia Universidade Nova de Lisboa


This article analyzes and publishes the Trattato written by the Neapolitan Jesuit Francesco Buzomi in 1622 on the translation of God’s name in Cochinchina. The article examines this terminological controversy in other East Asian countries, such as Japan and China and also portrays a short biography of Buzomi. This latter contains the partial transcription of the litterae indipetae (also unpublished), which he addressed to the Superior General in order to express his desire to be sent to the overseas missions of the Society of Jesus.

Keywords: Cochinchina; Francesco Buzomi; Litteræ indipetæ; Society of Jesus; Translation of God’s name 

Oct 31, 2021
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