• Crisis and Spiritual Transformation
    Vol. 10 (2022)

    Crises bear a great potential for risks and opportunities. The ongoing pandemic and the eruption of wars indicate first of all the risk that all that we cherish may perish and swiftly disap-pear in a few moments. On the other hand, crises afford us a great chance to wake up and embark on a spiritual journey. During the so-called Igna-tian Year which stretched from May 2021 through July 2022 Jesuits and their partners in mission tried to explore how the gun loving Basque gen-tleman named Inigo got transformed into a Saint whose name referred to an early Christian mar-tyr—“Ignatius”--who, according to his own testi-mony, longed to be devoured by wild beasts in his burning desire to become united with the Cruci-fied Jesus Christ. How is it possible that a narcis-sistic ego may gradually be turned into an obla-tion poured out for the salvation of the world?

  • Triggering a Change of the Economic Paradigm
    Vol. 7 (2020)

    Changing an economic paradigm seems an impossible Herculean task. The focus of the dominant economic model on profit maximization and cost cutting, while favouring a one-sided economic development without any serious regard for the environment, is so entrenched that any move to change it seems so far doomed to fail. In order to adequately address the complex issues related to changing any economic models, the 2020 Symposium of the Macau Ricci Institute at the University of Saint Joseph proceeded as a spiritual conversation: to enhance the ability to listen to each other’s different perspectives each participant was required to pick three major points in the papers of the other participants.

  • China and Rumours of War in The West
    Vol. 9 (2022)

    China has become of central importance not only for East Asia but for the whole of humanity. We want to continue our respectful dialogue with its people, aware that China is an important key for a peaceful world and has great potential for enriching our faith tradition, as many of its people long for a spiritual encounter with God in Christ.” (The Documents of General Congregation 35 of the Society of Jesus, Decree 3, 2008, p.65)

  • Changing and Economic Paradigm: Making Change Happen
    Vol. 8 (2021)

    The pandemic of COVID-19, as painful and disastrous as it has been, may offer a wake-up call for many to become finally aware that the gap between the rich and the poor keeps opening: while on the one hand some of the richer countries are able to vaccinate several times their population, on the other hand, some countries only know for sure that a countless number of people will die because they did not even get the basic protection or were victims of irresponsible political decisions.